Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gold Rush Week Instructions

I once had someone e-mail and ask for Gold Rush instructions so they could play at a family reunion. Here are my notes from Gold Rush week.

(Here are instructions from the Oakcrest handout, you'll have to adapt it for your group.)

Pre-party Prep:
Split your girls into 2 families and gather enough bandanas to tie the individual families wrists together. This is called family bonding. Mamas and Papas go on the ends so they have a free hand, all the "kids" are in between. Each family also needs a stake with their family name on it to claim gold.  It is not necessary for the stake/stick to be able to stand because you just lay it on top of the gold.  The family needs to attach to the stick a paper with their family surname on it. MANDATORY, each girl must paint 50 yellow rocks. (At camp we used yellow powder tempra paint. We'd mix it with water in #10 cans and would put the rocks in. Then dump them on butcher paper and they would dry in the sun.  Often we would run out of yellow paint and sometimes had to use orange too.  It’s camp, you gotta be flexible right!)
The girls would paint their rocks the first part of the week. The day of the event we would load all those painted rocks into crates and load them into the gator. We would drive the paths of camp and sprinkle the yellow rocks as we drove.

How to Play:
(I need to insert one of the best things about Gold Rush was dressing up.  You have to dress up, it makes it so much more fun!)
1) Find a pile of gold and set your family stake on it to claim it
2) Run to the bank and take out a loan (only done the first time, they will have money after this)
3) Run to the General Store to buy mining equipment
4) Go to the Claims Office to buy a deed for legal gold mining
5) Return to claimed pile with equipment and deed to collect gold
6) Lay twine in a circle, all gold within it becomes yours, put it in your bag, but do not move gold from outside the twine circle or you can be arrested!
7) Go to the Assayer's to trade your gold for money
8) Repeat process (don't forget to pay off your debt ASAP)

At the beginning of the rush, the families will come to you for a loan. Give each family $500 in $100 bills. After each family has received one loan, go to the Assayer's office to help.  For our money, we just photo copied different camp people's faces and put them in the center of the bill.  Each bill increment was copied on different colors of paper so it was easy to tell the value of the bill based off of the color of paper. 

The families will come to you in search of mining equipment. They will pay you $100 each time in return for the bag with the twine in it so they can mine their gold.

The families will pay $100 for a deed. Make sure they sign it, put it in their equipment bag and let them go. They MUST buy a new deed for every pile of gold they mine.

After mining the gold, they will bring you their treasures in return for Oakcrest money. For each yellow rock give them $100, for each gold rock give them $500. For the BIG ONE give them $1,000,000. (We would spray paint a rock that was larger than a softball but smaller than a basketball, we would hide the golden nugget along the trail. This was the "big enchilada" they were all looking for.)

When robbers challenge a family, both parties must go to the jail to resolve their dispute. Whoever wins the challenge receives the gold. If robbers lose they must stay in jail for 3 minutes or pay $5,000 bail. Sheriff’s patrol and if a family is caught breaking any laws they are also brought to the jail. Law breaking families must also pay $5,000 bail or sit in jail for 3 minutes. Be very stern.

Robber families are also tied by their wrists like gold rushing families. Robber families spend the evening challenging other families for their gold. After gold rushing families put their gold in their bag, robbers can declare a challenge on that family. Both families report to the jail for a showdown unless the gold rush family gives up their gold to save time. (For showdown challenges you can do anything from rock, paper, scissors or minute to win it challenges.) The winner now has the rights to the gold. If the gold rush family wins, they leave in peace while the robbers wait in jail for 3 minutes or pay bail of $5,000. HOWEVER, if the robbers win, the gold rushing family must decide if they want to re-challenge. If the gold rushing family doesn’t want to re-challenge, the robbers leave with the gold peacefully and the gold rushing family restarts the process of mining for gold. If the gold rushing family does want a re-challenge, the robbers have 2 minutes to hide and the gold rushing family has 3 minutes to find them. If the robbers are not found, good for them, the gold is theirs and they are free to terrorize Gold Rock Gully again. If the gold rushing family does find them, the robbers lose all rights to the gold and the cycle begins again.

Our kitchen staff would roam Gold Rock Gully looking for families to arrest. If you are arrested you must stay in jail for 3 minutes or pay $5,000 bail.
You can be arrested for:
-Disturbing the peace (fighting 'n arguing)
-Speeding (running too fast for any member of the family to keep up)
-Breaking family bonds (your bandanas come off your wrists)
-Breaking the deed (putting gold inside your string circle that doesn't belong there)
-Bagging the gold without a deed

We would set a time limit and after that time limit was up all the gold was cashed in for Oakcrest money and then we would hold an auction.