Saturday, May 7, 2016

Doughnut Shop Song

Doughnut Shop Song
(Tune: Turkey in the Straw)

[D] Oh, [A] I [D] walked around the corner
And I walked around the block
And I walked right into
A doughnut [A] shop
I [D] picked up a doughnut
Right out of the grease
And I handed the lady
A [D] five [A] cent [D] piece

[D] Well, [A] she [D] looked at the nickel
And she looked at me
And she said,
"This nickel is no good to [A] me.
There's a [D] hole in the middle
And it goes right through."
I said,
"There's a hole in the 
[D] Dough-[A] nut [D] too!

[D] Thanks for the doughnut,
[A] Good-[D]bye!"