Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ann Marie

(These same chords work out really great on the Ukulele too!) 

Ann Marie

[C] Ann Ma-[Am]rie, she [F] loves Pi-[G7]erre
It's [C] written on the [Am] cafe [F] sidewalks every-[G7]where
[C] John Pi-[Am]erre, he [F] loves Ma-[G7]rie
It's [C] written on a [Am] heart they [F] carved u-[G7]pon a [C] tree.

[C] Ann Ma-[Am]rie, she [F] said one [G7] day
"I [C] love you very [Am] much, so, [F] let us run a-[G7]way."
[C] John Pi-[Am]erre, he [F] said, "Oui, [G7] oui!"
And [C] ran to tell his [Am] friends,
"I'm mar-[F]rying [G7] Ann Ma-[C]rie!"

[C] They went [Am] off in-[F]to the [G7] park
But [C] they were getting [Am] hungry and [F] it was getting [G7] dark
[C] They got [Am] back be-[F]fore too [G7] late,
For [C] Ann Marie was [Am] seven and [F] John Pi-[G7]erre was [C] eight.