Friday, May 6, 2016

Camp Skills

Camp Skills
(Tune: Book of Mormon Stories)

[Em] First aid horror stories that my leader tells to me
Make me study first-aid skills so next it won't be me
[G] I've learned to build a fire and to pack my bag and hike
[Am] Next year I [Em] think I might [B7] bring a [Em] bike

[Em] Learned to sharpen axes and to find north by the sun
Learned to cook a hot dog black, I like my meat well done
[G] Learned to take a shower in a minute and a half
[Am] Someday I'll [Em] look back on [B7] this and [Em] laugh

[Em] Learned to build a shelter 57 different ways
Learned to live on snickers, haven't seen TV for days
[G] Sat around the campfire singing songs into the night
[Am] Good thing there's [Em] no mirrors here, [B7] I'm a [Em] fright

[Em] Made a lot of friends at camp, I think I'll come again
Maybe next year we could bring along a few young men
[G] Getting back to nature helps you lean a lot of things
[Am] Finding the [Em] blessings the [B7] gospel [Em] brings